Bio & Credits

Ah yes, the age old dilemma – do I write this section of the website in the third person to try and trick you into thinking someone else is saying nice things about me? Seems pretty stilted.

In a former life, I studied economics at Wharton (lol). Then I moved to New York to do Data Analysis at VEVO (lol2). It was an ill-advised move, so I pulled the rip cord and got my Master’s in Music Composition from NYU, while moonlighting (or daylighting, I guess) in various jobs at Downtown Music Publishing, Songtrust, and Domino Publishing Co. to keep the lights on.

After that, I spent some time assisting the venerable Nick Sansano (Sonic Youth, Public Enemy, Run DMC, Le Tigre…), and from there, started picking up work at Studio G Brooklyn. I had the opportunity to engineer and assist on recordings for Sesame Street (HBO), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix), Jesse Malin, Jukebox the Ghost, A Great Big World, and many others. 

These days, I’m a staff engineer at Studio G and have my own (smol) studio The Brick Box. I write, perform, produce, record, and mix a ton of music. I pride myself on stylistic malleability and a blend of timeless & forward-thinking production aesthetics.  If you’d like to see a full credits list, just ask! But below are a few favorites:

(in no particular order – all credits are production & engineering except “Laid Down My Arms”, which is just engineering)
(additional production, mix, recording engineer, instruments & programming)
(production, mix, recording engineer, instruments & programming)